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Orb producer suite demo

By Matthew SorrelsMarch 18 in Deals. Hexacord has released what looks like a plugin version of their Orb Composer product, Orb Producer Suite. I have Orb Composer and like but also hate, it's very interesting but is hampered by some really bad software design.

These plugin versions look interesting because they may avoid a bunch of those issues. Offer good for 15 days it says. I'll be picking this up later today. I was waiting for the coupon or a discount at dealers to show up.

Orb Composer DEMO 1.5

It's not clear if the 99 euro offer includes VAT, since they don't take anything off when you order. I'd recommend trying the demo version though, they don't have the best track record. I'll post more when I've had a chance to try it. It looks a bit like Captain Chords.

Thanks Matthew. I had avoided the previous versions based on your comments so will definitely try the demo for this. Will also be interested in your views after you have tried the plugin version.

Orb Composer Hexachord 1.5 upgrade

Purchasing it was simple, uses a serial number to auth. You enter your serial number in one and it auths the whole package. It's very like Captain Chords. It has very similar UI. Just like CC you use the chords plugin to put together your progression. It is synced with all the plugins. There is only a tiny getting started PDF that comes with the download for help.

Seems to pipe all the audio out the chords plugin, rather than each plugin having it's own sound when using the generated MIDI but not when you feed it MIDI. Kind of weird. You can turn off the synth. The whole coordination system seemed a bit off. I ended up having to solo each of the four instruments to get them all to play. The syncing with the DAW is kind of strange too. Which would be fine if you could make the MIDI empty, but you can't.

So to silence it you have to turn off the DAW sync. I think I like Captain Chords synths better, but they are pretty comparable.

I liked the melody and arp generators the most. The bass and chords generators are kind of plain not a surprise though. It doesn't have tons of options neither does Orb Composer come to think of it. Mostly you are setting a few parameters and it randomly makes something.

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orb producer suite demo

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Orb Producer Suite

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orb producer suite demo

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Each sector of the orb represents a Vowel. The distance from the center of the orb to the dot represents the amount of Emphasis resonance for each formant filter. The angle of each sector represents the amount of Driftwhich is a value in Hz that will be added or subtracted from each vowel formant. Each custom vowels set will be saved in a preset or DAW sessionso you can create as many as you want by saving to a new preset.

Computer Music Magazine. Matthew Sims. Try The Orb for free with some limitations: silence for 3 seconds every 45 seconds, saving disabled. Download Manual. OS X Skip to content. The default setting is the same as the Male genre settings.

Dream Theather Keyboardist and Composer. The Orb is a must-hear creative processor for any electronic music producer. Depending on how you use it, you can get surprising results. If you like it, you can purchase a license and then authorize the demo version.On a mobile device? Live is fast, flexible music software for Mac and Windows. Want to get the latest news from Ableton?

orb producer suite demo

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I don't have composer had heard of problems with it only the producer suite so try loading just the 4 plugins that come with the latter. They don't need composer. Also, the chord plugin is needed to use the others so I usually load that first then melody, bass and arpeggio. Thanks Simon. Thanks Matthew.

I can only guess at how bad versions 1. I like the demo but it keeps crashing Cubase. I'm having some luck by not using the Melodic module. I don't really want to have my melodies generated for me anyway. The only way that it really works for me is to just not use all the modules at the same time. I hope their plan is to keep improving it for free, and make it less demanding on the CPU.

I would be very upset if they charged me another big upgrade just to get a version of it that didn't crash all my DAWs. I just loaded all four modules in Cubase I'm definitely not seeing crazy CPU loads though. But this is the full version, maybe it's something about the demo?

I'm also not seeing any crashes with the most recent release. I let it play for hundreds of measures and tweaked and adjust parameters on all four modules without even a blip. Only odd thing I noticed is only the Melody or the Arp will sound if you have all four plugins loaded, you have to solo all four instruments separately if you actually want both the melody and the arp to play at the same time.

OK maybe that's a crazy thing to want, but it was kind of annoying realizing the arp wasn't playing. Neither of them actually generate MIDI on the fly or something. Orb Producer does have its synth instrument but it doesn't seem very CPU heavy. Running the latest version of Orb Producer Suite 1. Maybe I'll send Hexachords a note and see if there's any difference between the demo and the full version. It looks to me like they are the same, it's just that the demo expires.

My mysterious parts don't play bug gets stranger all the time. I have one Cubase project when I load will only play the arp or the melody but not both, unless you solo them using the Solo button inside the plugin, not Cubase's solo.

I have another Cubase project that only plays the chords instrument, unless you solo the parts. But when starting fresh and adding all four without changing anything, everything plays together. I've seen this parts going silent unless soloed a few times now so it must be something I'm doing while using the plugins. The strange thing is that once it is like that, I can't seem to get it to go back to working.

It's stuck. I could try those Projects out on my copy of Cubase Pro and let you know what happens if it would help although I haven't yet upgraded from 10 to This is the kind of stuff that happens to me until finally the whole thing just freezes and I have to close Cubase.

I definitely have to play with the solo and mute within the plugins. When I use the ones in Cubase I think maybe the plugins believe wrongly that one of the others is in solo mode.

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