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How to install an auto meter sport comp 5in tachometer w wiring

Wiring your new Autometer tachometer into your car will complete the installation.

how to install an auto meter sport comp 5in tachometer w wiring

Once you have selected a mounting location, you can run the four wires that operate the tachometer. The tachometer is designed to show the engine RPMs or rotations per minute. Autometer has designed their tach to be used with four, six and eight cylinder engines with the only requirement being that you must calibrate the tachometer during the installation process.

Calibrate your Autometer tachometer to your engine size as follows. If you have a four cylinder engine, clip the two looped wires on the back of the tachometer with wire cutters. For a six cylinder engine, clip just the brown wire, and for an eight cylinder engine do not clip either of the wires.

Run the red wire from the back of the tachometer to the fuse box of your car. Select an open switched power source in the fuse box to connect the red wire to. Most fuse boxes have several positions in the fuse box that will allow you to connect a wire to them using a spade connect.

Check your owner's manual for a key that indicates what is available in the fuse box. Crimp the connector onto the wire with a pair of crimping pliers and insert the connector into the slot you selected in the fuse box. Run the white wire from the tachometer to the wiring for the instrument lights. Connect the white wire to this wire using a crimp-on wire tap.

Autometer Tach Wiring Diagram

Close the two halves of the connector around the white wire and the instrument light wire. Squeeze the metal tap on the connector down with a pair of pliers and snap the cover on the connector closed. Route the green and black wires out of the passenger compartment through the firewall. Run the black wire to the negative side of the battery. Connect the ring connector under the retaining bolt on the battery terminal and tighten the bolt with a wrench. Run the green wire to the negative side of the coil.

Remove the nut on the negative post of the coil with a wrench and install the green wire on it. Replace the nut and tighten it with a wrench. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Calibrate your Autometer tachometer to your engine size as follows. Step 2 Run the red wire from the back of the tachometer to the fuse box of your car. Step 4 Run the white wire from the tachometer to the wiring for the instrument lights. Step 5 Route the green and black wires out of the passenger compartment through the firewall.Free Wiring Diagram. Variety of autometer tach wiring diagram. A wiring diagram is a streamlined standard pictorial representation of an electrical circuit.

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How to Install a Tachometer

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Autometer Sport Comp Monster Tach Wiring Diagram

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how to install an auto meter sport comp 5in tachometer w wiring

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Necessary Necessary.Tachometers are a great tool for your vehicle if you enjoy monitoring your engine speed or idle. In fact, they are nearly a necessity for a vehicle with a manual transmission.

The following are the wires going into the tachometer. Red- ignition power Black- ground White- illumination power Green- tach wire. First I found the output from the distributor cap. My distributor is hard to get to, so I had to remove a couple wire braces to reach it.

Other than being almost out of reach, finding the correct wire was fairly easy. To be sure I had found the right wire, I used this diagnostic tool. Next I clipped the meter wire onto the white wire from the distributor. To be sure it was the right one, I had someone watch the meter as I revved the engine. Be sure to mark or remember the wire for when you come back later.

Next, I found where I wanted to mount the tach, and removed a dash panel to access the wiring behind it. I chose to place the tachometer behind and below the ignition, where it would be out of the way yet I could easily see it. Note; When I was working on this project, I also installed a new stereo and rewired my instrument panel lights that had not been working. Next I ran the wire through the hole to the distributor wire.

Luckily the wire was the perfect length. I used a crimp on connector to make the connection easily. The only thing you need to remember is that the wires you tap and their fuses need to be able to support the extra power draw from the tachometer.

Once those connections are made, fire up the engine and make sure it works-mine did. Wrap up all the excess wire and hide it in the dash. Above is a picture of my finished tach. It looks and works great. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. All we really want to know is where the wires go and it 'd be nice to have that clear up front before looking through all the lovely pics.

In fact it is never clearly stated. I don't think so anyway. Is it? Main thing is the tacho is connected to the wire from the coil to the distributor. That's it. Then it is powered as usual by 12v and an earth. And then it has more power being 12 for the light.

Reply 5 years ago. I discuss that in steps Black, Red and White go straight to the fuse box for ground, ignition power, and light power connected with the dash lights. The green wire gets crimped to the output from the distributor cap. Hai i brought a speedometer from kinetic gf bike, i want to install it to my bajaj bike it has 4 wires orange, black, white and yellow plz any body tell me how to connect the wires.Despite an impressive start to Premier League life, David Wagner's side are currently on a four-game losing streak with many believing home form will be crucial in deciding their top-flight fate.

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how to install an auto meter sport comp 5in tachometer w wiring

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how to install an auto meter sport comp 5in tachometer w wiring

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How to Wire an Autometer Tach

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