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Download conceptronic nas ch3hnas manual

My firmware version is 2.

Installation of the Conceptronic fun_plug on the Conceptronic CH3HNAS

I download and unpack the files, copying the two at the Public folder of my NAS. It seems that it does nothing.

download conceptronic nas ch3hnas manual

Then, if I turn off the NAS and turn on it again, it loads without any problem, but without the funplug installed. Could you help? Hi, i have install funplug following your instructions. How i can do it? Telnet on port 23 works as well, but I have no clue to replace it with SSH.

Probably this funplug version is a minimal one? My question if anyone knows — can I get a gcc compiler in this? What gcc target should I pick?

I have read some spanish forums on this matter and it seems that i should have set up a root? I am not a linux user but would appreciate any advice of how to get back control of my NAS, or how to reflash it back to a firmware version i can access. This will only affect the settings, not your data. Then download the easy search tool from Conceptronic and search your NAS. Reconfigure its IP to the one above and you will have access again. My problem is that the default username admin and default password admin do not work since upgrading the firmware.

My NAS is working, i just cannot configur anything. I think that if i reset to factory i will loose access completely because it will erase the user accounts. Any idea what could be wrong? Oh well. Is has switched out of fixed IP. Well… solved as well. Seems that the IP address used before firmware update was blocked. Using a different IP address everything is fine. On to fun-plug install. Your email address will not be published. I accept that my given data and my IP address is sent to a server in the USA only for the purpose of spam prevention through the Akismet program.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Facebook Twitter Feed. Published by. Best Regards, Uli. Dani, I had the same problem. Hi Dan, no, just reset to factory default with the procedure described in the manual.

Hi Uli, thanks for the reply. Make a hard reset, push reset button during 10 seconds, now user and pas are admin. Hello everybody. Uli, congrats for all the work!Firmware 2. Anyone has proved that beta firmware and knows what improvements could be inside?? Bought mine 2 months ago, fw is 2. There is a new fw 2. I cant find it at my network Discovery tolls do not show nothing Who knows how to recovery operation system on it or firmware? As a bonus the fan Control now works and is much more quite then with the stock Freecom Firmware installed.

Now i only see the red conceptronics light. Nas is not accessible through network or direct connection. Does anybody can give me any advise. How the hell do I recover this nas now?!?! Conceptronic does not reply either!

I have sent serveral mails to conceptronics without any reaction to them. I am very dissappointed in the product and I have recovered my data from the NAS by mounting it with Unbuntu.

Has anybody tried to use NFS? If I make a rpcinfo from my Mac i get that:. Your email address will not be published. I accept that my given data and my IP address is sent to a server in the USA only for the purpose of spam prevention through the Akismet program. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Facebook Twitter Feed. Does anyone know how to get back to the original firmware?

Best regards, Arjan Vermeulen. Please contact Conceptronic. Best Regards, Uli. Can you tell me how did you get the firmware to the Freecom?

download conceptronic nas ch3hnas manual

If I make a rpcinfo from my Mac i get that: rpcinfo -p En nuestra unidad instalamos dos discos duros Western Digital Caviar Green de un terabyte de capacidad. La interfaz web es mejorableaunque las opciones se muestran con claridad y no plantea complicaciones con los navegadores compatibles Explorer, Firefox, Safari y Chrome. Lo probamos con Mac y PC con excelentes resultados. En la web podemos encontrar un amplio abanico de soluciones que mejoran las funcionalidades del dispositivo de serie y es posible instalar desde clientes P2P ML Donkey, Transmission, etc.

El dispositivo es silencioso y no hemos notado un calentamiento excesivo durante las pruebas. La propuesta de Conceptronic nos convence.

Yo tengo este aparato y en el manual dice que admite hasta Mbps. En el test tienes los resultados sobre Ethernet Mbps y Mbps. Un saludo. Hola, he comprado el aparato hace muy poco y tras unas cuantas pruebas no obtengo lo que yo llamaria resultados decentes, o tengo algo mal o es muy lento. Primero lo puse a Gigabit Ethernet conectado a un switch GbEth mi equipo tb tiene interfaz Gb Eth y no es capaz de hacer una previsualizacion de la imagen.

Lo curioso es que le cambio el switch a uno Fast ethernet y aqui el funcionamiento es normal, previsualizaabre …. Saludos, Andres. Lo curioso es que puedo meterme con el navegador como administrador, es decir que sigue vivo? Hola necesito ayuda!!!!!!! Esperando vuestras respuestas… Gracias. Te recomiendo que lo vendasyo llevo peleando tiempo con ely siempre le pasa algo cuando se actualizan los sistemas operativos.

Siento que se corten los mensajes, si sacaste como meterle un cliente bittorrent al disco por favor cuentame, gracias un saludo.

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download conceptronic nas ch3hnas manual

Publicado el 30 marzo, Conclusiones La propuesta de Conceptronic nos convence. Jose Luis. Noticias Hace 8 horas. Noticias Hace 9 horas. Noticias Hace 11 horas. Noticias Hace 13 horas.

CH3HNAS C05-328

Noticias Hace 15 horas. Noticias Hace 18 horas. Noticias Hace 23 horas.Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. In deze uitgebreide gebruiksaanwijzing vindt u stap-voor-stap instructies voor installatie en gebruik van de. Support website op www. Voor algemene informatie over Conceptronic producten gaat u naar de Conceptronic website op.

Page 2 8. Logout Afmelden 1. Aansluiten In dit hoofdstuk leest u hoe u uw Home Media Store op uw netwerk aansluit. Page 5 In dit hoofdstuk leest u hoe u uw Home Media Store configureert voor gebruik binnen uw netwerk. Page 6 Harddisk space status Schijfruimtegebruik : Geeft de status van de schijfruimte aan. Display language Schermtaal : Hier kunt u de taal van de configuratiepagina's wijzigen.

Meer talen kunnen worden opgenomen in toekomstige firmwareversies. Service : Instellingen van de services van de Home Media Store. Deze instellingen worden in de volgende paragrafen beschreven. In de meeste gevallen bevat het netwerk een router die ook als DHCP-server optreedt. Het is ook mogelijk om toegang te geven aan anonieme gebruikers. Zie hoofdstuk 4. Nadat u alle gebruikers voor uw Home Media Store heeft aangemaakt, kunt u verdergaan met hoofdstuk 4. Deze gedeelde locaties kunnen door iedereen worden gelezen en geschreven.

Een bestaande gedeelde locatie bewerken: U kunt de naam en de toegangsmodus van bestaande gedeelde locaties veranderen. Page 27 Harddisk space status Schijfruimtegebruik : Geeft de status van de schijfruimte aan. Date Datum : De huidige datum instellen. Delete Verwijderen : Een of meer geselecteerde gebruiker s verwijderen. Als u een nieuwe gebruiker toevoegt, ziet u het volgende venster: Username Gebruikersnaam : Geef een gebruikersnaam in voor de nieuwe gebruiker.

Service status : Samba Share service aan- of uitzetten. Access mode Toegang : Anonymous Anoniem : Iedereen in uw netwerk kan deze gedeelde map benaderen.

Conceptronic Drivers

Service status : FTP service aan- of uitzetten. Apply Toepassen : De instellingen in gebruik nemen. Current share folder Huidige gedeelde map : Geeft aan welke map momenteel actief is voor de NFS service. Apply Toepassen : De instellingen voor de service in gebruik nemen.Quick Links Download this manual.

Table of Contents. Page 2: Table Of Contents Table of contents 1. Introduction Package Contents Setup the Server Hardware Installation Page 4: Introduction 1. This Storage Server contains two 3.

The front panel must be removed before ejecting the hard disk drive s. Power Connector Connect the provided AC power adapter. Page 8: Setup The Server 2. Slide the front panel up and then pull it off the server to access the drive bays. Insert 1 or 2 SATA 3. Enter an IP Address in the empty field. Page 14 - 14 Page 15 Option Description Search Device When launching the utility, it will search the connected server s automatically, and display the results in the list.

To refresh the list, click the Search device button again. Clicking the Connect to webpage button will launch the web browser and lead you to the configuration utility. Page Web Configuration 3.

Web Configuration You can access and manage the storage server through a web browser. This chapter provides you with instructions of the Web Configuration Utility, and explains how to set up your storage server with the web browser. Web Configuration Utility You can login the storage server in 2 ways: 1.

Page 17 When logging into the storage server for the first time, you will be asked to choose a drive configuration and format the drives. The format of the Harddisk can take a while, depending on the chosen HDD configuration and the capacity of the Harddisk. The welcome screen lists five steps of the wizard.

You are recommended to set an admin password here. Page 21 For system management purpose, a correct time setting is critical to have accurate time stamps on the system logs. Set an appropriate Time Zone in this step. You can select the connection type and enter the LAN information, or keep the current settings.

Page 22 Enter a workgroup, name, and description for the storage server, or leave the default values. Workgroup: Assign a workgroup name to the storage server. Name: Assign a name to the storage server so that you can access the storage server through a web browser by entering the device name. The users can be specified by group or created individually.

The created users are allowed to access the specific folders on the storage server via FTP or the local network. Create a User: This section contains required attributes for a new user, including group, user name and password. To manage the storage server easily and efficiently, the users can be assigned to groups. You can set up the access rules and quotas for the organization. Create A Group: Create a new group by assigning a unique name. By default, users and groups do not have a quota.

User Quota Settings: User quotas are displayed here. Before specific user or group rules can be created, the default rules must be deleted.Quick Links Download this manual.

How to Access NAS Drive if it Wont Show up on PC

Conceptronic Grab 'n Go. Kiss Technology is still marked in our books as the brand that has brought the best. The online EPG and content sure has. We seen few. Chances are slim it will beat.

Conceptronic CH3SNAS Grab’n’GO Media Store User Manual

It seems as we are going back. Table of Contents. Chances are slim it will beat the best recorder we had years ago as it comes with no network abilities at all and that probably means it is limited to local scheduling and local playback with no use for NAS servers, PC software, UPnP and the likes… Page 2: Table Of Contents Playing media — pictures Page 4: Setup Overall, the hardware is acceptable as mentioned before but we did used on first setup.

This results in less disk space used for your recordings. Page 6: Otr 13 characters of a filename. Page 7 should delete the Time-column, thus freeing up 11 more characters. One would start Depending on the images, the preview and load times vary but are wondering what is possible besides the basic play and stop functions pretty slow in general, just as the global navigation of menus and and there is actually something that works… Page 9: Hi-Jack Conclusion The player is designed to be a recorder when this CM3PVR was being developed is probably much better than what it and a player and there it lacks so many options and has such poor has become.

Print page 1 Print document 10 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.

download conceptronic nas ch3hnas manual

Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Storage Solutions offers a huge range of enclosures for 2. Network Storage Solutions offers plug and play, no nonsense network sharing solutions at home. Conceptronic simply offers you a product that will fit to your need! The new technology is 10 times faster than the well known USB 2.

Conceptronic has a complete range USB 3. Enjoy the speed! Our plug and play, no nonsense network sharing products are the ideal solutions for your home.

Whether you want to watch TV on your notebook, digitalize old VCR tapes, scroll through your files and websites, listen to your favorite music or chat with your friends all over the world. Conceptronic offers you a solution which perfectly fits your mood and lifestyle!

We offer you a nice range of keyboards. Regular keys or soft touch flat keys, with or without multimedia functionalities it is up to you! We offer you a wide range of travel, Bluetooth and desktop speaker systems. Both home and business users are finding it increasingly necessary to connect more peripherals, such as hubs, scanners, webcams, printers etc.

Conceptronic offers peripherals for both markets. Solutions for universal charging, USB 2. With the universal notebook chargers you can easily charge all kind of notebooks. More and more TVs, printers, hard drives and media players are equipped with a wireless network connection. High quality materials combined with some nice twists make sure you are no longer an average Joe!

Because most technologies have their own connection, different cables are needed to get what you want. So if you want to be connected, connect yourself with a cable of Conceptronic!

Need to find a shop? If you are a consumer and you want to check the nearest outlet, please go to our website and use the dealer locator. Just fill in your postal code or address and automatically all nearest stores will be shown. Of course including directions to their location and showing all contact information. Want to receive the latest information from Conceptronic?

If you want to stay up to date about our wonderfull solutions, visit www. We will make sure you get regular updates in your personal inbox! Alltrade marks are registered. Illustrations and specifications are subject to change. Version 1. Related documents.

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